Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recruiting a GUI Web Developer

T-PEN is currently advertising for a GUI Developer.  The advertisement is posted online and applications must be submitted online at jobs.slu.edu

Here are the basic details:

Web Developer (Theological Studies)
Job Summary: Under general direction, assists in the creation and deployment of a web-based digital tool for scholars working with digital images of unpublished manuscripts; performs Graphical User Interface (GUI) related duties with responsibility for the user interface.
May include any and/or all of the following:

  1. Participates as a member of a design team, working with the senior developer, project directors, and other personnel.
  2. Designs a set of user-centered, interactive Web pages to integrate various APIs that will comprise the digital tool.
  3. Contributes to testing and bug tracking of various iterations of the digital tool.
  4. Responds to formal usability testing and makes appropriate changes in implementation.
  5. Oversees the Center's Web pages and ensures they are up to date and functional.
  6. Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Knowledge of Web development, applications, and technology
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript
  • Knowledge of programming and graphic design
  • Project management skills
  • Interpersonal/human relations skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to provide site management solutions
  • Ability to perform work that is technically oriented, working on various platforms, including Microsoft and Apple
  • Ability to recognize trends in Web development
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
Education and experience equivalent to:
Bachelor's degree; supplemented with two (2) years related work experience

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