Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Release Notes for T-PEN v1.2

Release Date: 5 January 2012
Contact: ginthej@slu.edu
Site: t-pen.org 

Bug Fixes Implemented in T-PEN v1.2
Transcription UI:
  • Corrected a math error in the handling of oversized lines that led to incorrect bounding by the interface especially for the last line of a column or page.
  • “Changes Saved” message was obscuring manuscript image and could not be dismissed. Now, if the “Changes Saved” message does not leave of its own accord, a mouseover will dismiss it.
Transcription Preview:
  • Resolved problem with preview tool not showing latest edits and also added real-time updating to preview tool, even if the tool is currently open.
  • Preview tool now remains in sync with the transcription, even when lines are added or deleted with the parsing tool.

Linebreaking Tool:
  • Corrected issue with the linebreaking tool that prevented the insertion of text when some button sequences were used.
Image Parsing
  • Corrected issue that triggered the parsing tool when a page image was loaded. T-PEN had previously checked to see if the first line contained data; now all possible lines are checked for content.

New Features in T-PEN v1.2
Transcription UI: The previous line text will scale to the size of the screen. When on the first line of the page, available text from the last line of the previous page will be shown.

Visual Cue for Closing Tag Proximity (Transcription UI): Closing tags originating on previous pages are faded to indicate their distance from the current line of transcription.

Transcription Preview: The preview tool now applies a simple color filter to <tags> to allow for a more clear view of your transcription.

New Project Option Tools: Users can now add a French/English dictionary, a dictionary for Middle English and the Dictionary of Old English (subscription required). User can select which tools will be available in the Transcription UI’s i-frame. All tools can also be renamed by the user on the project management page.

Exporting Transcriptions: When exporting xml, users can now select or deselect all the tags for inclusion at once.

Line History (Versioning): T-PEN now distinguishes between all versions of any transcription line. Users can view previous versions of a given line. A change in a line is defined as addition or deletion of a single character (including white space) or modifications to the line parsing coordinates. A previous version can be selected to replace the current version. All versioning activity is recorded in the project log, which can be viewed on the project management page under the Collaboration tab.

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