Friday, February 17, 2012

Re-Tooling T-PEN's Logo

As we get ready for the last stage of T-PEN's planned development, Patrick Cuba, T-PEN's GUI developer has been re-designing our logo.  He was assigned this task not only because he has greater artistic talent than Jim Ginther and Abigail Firey (who developed the initial logo), but also there was a lack of clarity about the IPR of the old T-Rex image itself.  We are therefore very pleased to headline our new logo here.

Our mascot holds both quill and scroll as he surges ahead ready to consume any and all manuscripts with scholarly mastication!  This image will sit on T-PEN's landing page with the next release due at the end of February 2012.

All other pages will have a more modest image:

The T-Rex image has been licensed from Mineo Shiraishi at .  The background image is from Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 415, p. 171.


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